Vega Shipping provides world-wide shipping solutions for every type and size of cargo, specialized on Bulk and Project cargoes.

With separate departments and experts for both project and bulk cargoes, Vega Shipping can focus on the market very widely and ensures that its customers benefit from the best conditions and opportunities.

Whichever is necessary for the nature of the cargo and project, Vega Shipping can act as a broker, operator and/or forwarder, therefore it can guarantee the most competitive freight solution for its customers also through the wide network of ship owners gained by over 15 years of experience of the founding partners in the market.

Vega Shipping is proud to have completed the shipments of one of the biggest windmill farms of Europe. Thanks to both its professional and academic crew, Vega Shipping has completed such projects by success and guarantees its customers that its services will always keep the same quality and will reserve its customers’ rights as priority.